Rice and Barbecue: Let’s Hash it Out

Having recently dined on Rice kingdom barbecue at Hog Heaven (Pawley’s Island, SC) and Dukes (Walterboro, SC) I was mulling over the hot goodness that is hash.


(doug 48 on Virtual Tourist)

Returning my attention to the Ricekingdom.com blog I see that Charleston-based barbecue authority Robert Moss has written a short piece on barbecue and hash for ABC2.

(That’s hash with the fork in it. From: The Smoke Ring)

Hash goes on rice and appears to be part of the rice kitchen of the coastal counties. I love hash – LOVE – it. It is as important as the barbecue itself to me. Both of the above-mentioned restaurants do it well and differently from each other. The irony, it occurred to me last week, is that they cook a pretty mediocre rice.


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